Agricultural Entrepreneurship Development

The Ubuntu Agri-EDP aims to address two of South Africa’s largest challenges in terms of unemployment and food insecurity. Agricultural-entrepreneurship development is essential to empower potential entrepreneurs with the skills, knowledge, tools and support they need to start and grow successful agri-businesses. The programme assists beneficiaries to improve food security within their communities while creating income opportunities through fresh produce sales. The project provides practical support to assist aspiring agri-entrepreneurs in managing productivity and quality in their businesses. The programme provides a comprehensive solution to achieve sustainable outcomes, through:

  • Site analysis
  • Infrastructure setup
  • Entrepreneurship training
  • Agricultural training
  • Agri-business coaching
  • Access to markets
  • Project management

The programme offers a number of Enterprise and Supplier Development opportunities through establishing small-scale farms to supply fresh organic produce to corporate canteens and employees. It has been estimated that the agricultural GDP in Africa will create eight million wage-paying jobs in agri-business on the continent by 2020, which could be increased by a further six million with specialist development in the sector. This could result in an additional 3.1% growth in value added per annum.

The programme provides for sustainable job creation through:

  • Empowering unemployed woman and youth to become economically active through agricultural entrepreneurship
  • Effectively utilizing uncultivated land in rural communities, with the setup of garden infrastructure and water management systems
  • Focusing on labour-intensive crops and out of season crops which hold a higher price and open opportunities for strategic competitive advantage
  • Developing agro-processing industries and additional micro enterprises to provide support services to the small-scale agricultural sector

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